Wills & Trusts: Planning for your estate

I. Wills: A Simple and Powerful Tool

A will is an important estate planning document. They are one of the most simple things you can do to protect yourself and your family. Our office provides a will 'package' for the price of your will, which includes a durable power of attorney and an Oregon advance healthcare directive. A will not only helps your wishes be realized, but is also a potent tool in preventing fighting and disputes about your estate and wishes when you pass away. Your will can appoint a personal representative (often called an executor), detail how your property and/or debts should be handled, set your preferences for burial or cremation, and your funeral preferences. Regardless of the size of your estate, a will is a critical and simple method of planning for the future.

We produce most wills as a simple flat fee, and can often have yours completed and signed in only a few days from when you first meet with us.

II. Living Trust

A living trust is more complex than a will, and may be an option depending on the complexity of your wishes. Unlike a will, which takes effect upon your passing, a living trust can take effect immediately. The trust is able to obtain and hold property, including real property, to be used for your benefit or that of your loved ones. A trust can continue on after you pass away, providing continuity for your property and loved ones in the future. Feel free to schedule a consult to learn more about how a trust could help in your estate plans.